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My friends yo

Alright, if you are not on this list then it doesn’t mean that you are not a friend it means that I am too shy to call you a friend or we didn’t talk a lot and just please don’t get sad I mean what is this and just oh gosh- for real if we follow each other and you want me to add you, just tell me. I just don’t want be a creep who is like lol ur my bff now :)))
For real I’d love to add some awesome people, but I am just too shy bc why are you following me I am trash ;__;
But yeah here are some cool dudes and dudiens in alphabetical order:

Abe I armlessbender
Why are you first wtf
haha jk, you are awesome bro and my ask buddy, we have each others back yoo, stay awesomeeeee, happy to call ya my bro! I love talking to you, you always make me smile!

Alice I sphlntus
Ah gurl I miss talking to you! But yeah ily, I am still wanna visit your animal crossing town ;D

Anastasia I johntavris
My russian fella! ;D I love talking to you, you are such a sweetheart!! <3

Cynti I frankiiro
Dude I love you and your art, you are just too cool for me haha
I also miss talking to ya <3

Esk I legendofkorraavatar
ESKKKK BBY ily, and I just wanna say that you are so pretty and nice and just I am happy that met ya!

Eli I extremelyeli
Haha, you suck
NAH NAH JK I am so happy that I got to meet you, you are so awesome
You are my art buddy and I can always count on you when I want to go somewhere crazy, that’s bc you are crazy as well haha <3
I am here for ya Schmeli

Gene I geneslamm
You always have so kind words for me, thanks a lot for that!! :D

Helena I shingekinokataang
I enjoy talking with you, you are just so nice and cute just ahhh bby You are too kind to me, thanks a lot!!

Jeem I nightworldlove
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeem my bby, I am just so happy that I have ya! I love our little “meet ups” haha, it’s awesome to hang out with you and to fangirl about stuff and just overall talking about the world, you are one of a kind!!

Joey I unbendable
What do I say about this Koala hater haha jk, you are cool bro, super funny and kind, love talking with ya and Abe, you are cool dudes yeah yeah, stay cool Joey and don’t get burned or  whatever haha :D

Katie I kathuon
I know we don’t really talk thaat much, but you are just so sweet and I LOVE your art, you are just somebody I can look up to! :’D

Katty I titanbender
YOu are kindaa my tumblr bitch hehe, dude I love YOU SO SO MUCH HAHA you are just so cray cray and funny, gosh Kat you rock you, but you know that you rock cus you are Katt aw yussss, babe I love ya!

Kim I bending-my-ass-off
KIM. KIM YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU. Haha dude, I am just so happy that we are letter buddies and that I even saw you irl, it was just a perfect day, and I looooOOOOoooove skyping with you! You always tell me so wild and funny stories, just bby I love you okay??

Mariel I heartcoma
YOu are always so nie and you are just so sweet, miss talking with ya <3

Schanon I f-yeahlegendofkorra
I love talking to you! I miss you as well, but I know that we are still bros cus bros stick together, ya know? :D

Sioned I dakorra
You are always sooniice and sweet, I love talking to ya!! n_n

Yara I ohmykorra
I knoow we don’t talk much but idk I enjoy you on my dash and we reblog each others crap and I just think that you are pretty and funny DEAL WITH IT ((tell me if I should delete you bc I am trash, I understand))

"This is your commanding officer. Go get your dad now!"




Doing a friends page is hard

I have too many friends wtf why are you all so nice to this trash of a person


I am gonne delete you now

Face Apprecation: Ghazan

Requested by Casuallyhumpingmypillow


Doing a friends page is hard

I have too many friends wtf why are you all so nice to this trash of a person

Doing a friends page is hard